Views of Travel in New York and Kyoto

2:18 PM

Sze Wat - sketch of grand station with people walking past Grand Central Station, New York On the bus, Queens, New York Sze Wat - man sleeping on the train heading to Kyoto Station On the way to Kyoto Station, Japan Sze Wat - family of four riding the New York Subway and the scene near Spring Street, Soho of New York New York City Subway and Spring Street, Soho, New York

Its been a while since I last wrote in here. These are sketches that I did over the past five months or so. My fellow friend and creative recommend me to try a parallel pen, talking about how many of her friends are doing so. I didn't do so right away until last September, when I found myself already in Dick Blick, buying one and using it right away by setting forth to portray Grand Central in my sketchbook.

Using the pen was an interesting challenge, as I found resistance drawing lines I'm used to against a heavily texture paper of my sketchbook and yet growing to enjoy using this pen because it is radically different than what I used to. The lines are loose and playful and sketchier than I imagined myself drawing and I hope to become better using this pen in depicting new scenes.

On a side note, I studied up on various inks that can be put into the pen after reading blog like Goulet Pens Blog and Hudson Valley Sketches and decided to use Diamine Blue Black (as seen in the third and last sketch) after reading about drying times of the ink and archival of artwork. Please take a look on the sites if you are interested in inks and fountain pens like I am.

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