New Design Beginning for A Blog by Sze Wat

6:24 PM

This past week, I was working on refreshing the look of the website. I searched around looking for various templates and I found my dream Blogger template from Themexpose. I really love their designs because each of them have such personalities!

Over the years, as I became more of an user on tumblr and love how its UX/UI evolved, I didn't realize how amazing Blogger has become. That's why I want to spend a little time writing out two points on how versatile I found Blogger to be, since it really deserves praise on its improvements.

1) Template: While tumblr has simplified its CMS on modifying its template, Blogger offers a more robust experience for advanced users. I can directly edit and change the template file without going on a roundabout. For tumblr, I'm finding myself frustrated because I can't as easily modify the layout via html/css, which is quite disappointing, even if it is easier to use.

2) Posting: Blogger has made it easier to update with elements of Google Document and Wordpress inside its design. I can easier navigate and organize my posts without having to spend so much time figuring out which type of post it is! While on the other hand, tumblr and even Wordpress stumped me quite a few times when I'm using it.

On another note, I hope you all enjoyed coming here! I've had this blog for many years and it took me a long time to do this refresh because I'm such a perfectionist, which is both a good and bad thing.

Now, it is my goal to update this blog. I'm looking forward to creating new works and seeing this blog as a way to inspire me. Also, to share some of my thoughts on design and web. Thanks everyone for all your support and coming here!!!

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